• Vital Lines Portfolio (Postcard Version)
  • Vital Lines Portfolio (Postcard Version)

Vital Lines Portfolio (Postcard Version)

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In the spirit of solidarity, the Elizabeth Catlett Art Space and Printmaking Studio at The People’s Forum paired six Cuban artists and six US-based artists to make work based on themes connected to the life, energy, and liberation inspired by the Cuban revolution.

This art initiative focuses on the ongoing significance and legacy of Cuba’s international solidarity and collaboration. Each artist pair was given a specific theme for their work based on the importance of Cuban revolutionary achievements. Those themes included friendship, future, struggle, liberation, sovereignty, and peace. Artists were invited to collaborate, discuss, and debate across borders within their creative processes.
Artists’ original work was screen printed in limited editions in the Elizabeth Catlett Art Space & Printmaking Studio. This mini portfolio is a digital reproduction.

Each mini portfolio includes 13 4x6 inch digital print reproductions of the original screen prints