Toward the Irreversibility of the Bolivarian Revolution!

by 1804 Books

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the physical departure of Hugo Chávez, leader of the Bolivarian Revolution and former president of Venezuela. We are honored to share the words of his close comrade and former Vice President, Jorge Arreaza, in a new pamphlet: Chávez and the Irreversibility of the Bolivarian Revolution.

This pamphlet is an intimate, first-hand account of the final weeks of Hugo Chávez’s life, and the legacy he entrusted to his comrades.

In these few pages, former Vice President Jorge Arreaza paints a portrait of the tenuous time before Hugo Chávez’s death in 2013, sharing glimpses into the uncertainty, determination, and hope that overwhelmed them over those months. This brief pamphlet is a tribute to the humanity of each working person building revolution: from the leadership, to the people who inherit the revolution’s future, ultimately preserving it, and making it absolutely irreversible.

Translated by Manolo De Los Santos with a foreword by Vijay Prashad. The pamphlet is available for free as a digital download, or for purchase as a pamphlet.