Red Love Book Club: a communist fiction reading group


So many stories, and to choose which ones to tell and how to tell them. The words, they will tap me on the shoulder and they will speak to me: 'Tell me! Tell me!' The stories choose me.

– Eduardo Galeano

How do we imagine the new world that we are building?


Whether it be stories borne of the brutal violence of imperialism, or futures where working people have triumphed over their oppressors, fiction gives us the opportunity to experience the truth of another life, allowing us to experience the fullness of their emotions, their struggles, and their dreams.


The People’s Forum and 1804 Books invite you to join us as we explore the genre of communist and radical fiction. How does a text change when we read it not only for the plot, but for the injustices it reveals? How does a story’s meaning transform when we think of it as a prompt to organize and take action? Fiction can be a tool for exploring the conditions of the world, a way of understanding how things are, for what changes we demand, and what futures we can dream. There is so much literary fiction that is produced by struggle and that are in and of themselves beautiful works of revolutionary art and culture.


We’ll meet once each month to discuss a featured novel, talk about the history it comes from and responds to, and how we can understand its meaning in our own contexts and work. Please join us in this collective practice of revolutionary reading and imagining!



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