Our Press

1804 Books takes its name from the year of the Haitian Revolution, which set the path of liberation in the Americas. We produce books from and for all those who continue the fight for a world free from oppression and exploitation.
1804 Books is merging with Liberation, the publisher of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and blossoming into its own project! Armed with a newly expanded catalog, together we endeavor to make socialist literature and revolutionary theory even more accessible to the growing needs of political education, organizing, and movement building. With our growth, 1804 Books looks forward to gathering the theory and histories we need to continue the struggle for liberation.
1804 Books is also a member of the International Union of Left Publishers. Formed in 2020, the International Union of Left Publishers emerged as a platform of left publishers to promote left books through Red Books Day (21 February), to defend left authors, publishers, and bookshops, and to develop a copyleft method of sharing books across our countries and languages. We have released a number of joint titles with other member publishers, and are the North American distributor for fellow member LeftWord Books, a leftist publishing house based in India.

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