FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where are you located?

1804 Books is located at The People’s Forum, located at 320 West 37th Street (between 8th & 9th Avenues) in New York City, USA. 

What is the People’s Forum?

The People’s Forum is an accessible educational and cultural space in New York City that nurtures the next generation of visionaries and organizers who believe that through collective action a new world is possible.

Our space serves as a movement incubator for working class and marginalized communities to build unity across historic lines of division at home and abroad. We are a group of organizers, educators, visionaries, cultural workers, thinkers and fighters committed to the systemic transformation of a society rooted in equity, justice and human dignity. 

All bookstore proceeds go directly to The People’s Forum programming.

Visit our website to learn more and attend virtual events and courses!

What are your browsing hours?

EVERY DAY that The People's Forum is open! Come by Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 9pm!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we use USPS International. For this reason, we cannot ship to Australia/New Zealand until COVID restrictions are lifted. Expect higher shipping costs and longer delivery times for international orders.

How soon can I expect my order to arrive?

We are a close-knit, small team! We try to ship at least once a week, and you will receive a tracking notice in your email or phone once it's sent out.

What if a book is sold out?

We are closely monitoring our inventory to ensure we replenish as soon as a book is out of stock! If you'd like to bring it to our attention, please send an email at 1804books@peoplesforum.org. We'd love to hear from you!

Returns and Damaged/Lost Packages

As we have a small collection, we do not currently accept returns and refunds. For any major concerns regarding this, please email info@1804books.com and we will get back to you ASAP. We are not responsible for mishandled/lost packages through USPS–please report these matters to your local post office.

Missing Items

Missing items in your package? Email us at info@1804books.com and we'll do our best to send anything that hasn't arrived! Please note that we are not responsible for any damage/issues that arise in transit via USPS.

Why the name “1804 Books”?

In 1804, the Haitian people overthrew colonialism and white supremacy, and made the dream of liberation a reality. In naming 1804 we honor the first victorious Revolution of the oppressed on the planet and commit to continue building their path of internationalism.