1804 Books is a not-for-profit bookstore and press at The People’s Forum. Our name sake is the year of the victory of the Haitian Revolution, which set the path of liberation in the Americas. We're your shop for socialist literature and revolutionary theory!
As a community bookstore, we have a collection of accessible, internationalist resources for political education, organizing, and movement building. In 1804, the Haitian people overthrew colonialism and white supremacy, and made the dream of liberation a reality. 1804 Books gathers the theory and histories we need to continue the struggle for liberation.

As a press, we produce books from and for all those who continue the fight for a world free from oppression and exploitation. Learn more about us—check out our titles and catalog here!

Come visit us, browse our collection, attend events and classes at The People’s Forum, and see our Political Education Resource Platform.  
All proceeds from the bookstore directly support our educational and cultural programming at The People’s Forum.