• Our Own Path to Socialism: Selected Speeches of Hugo Chávez

Our Own Path to Socialism: Selected Speeches of Hugo Chávez

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“Chávez. That was their cry. Chávez. It was enough.” –from the Introduction

Hugo Chávez’s speeches are a call to action, challenging us to take up the task of building a socialism that emerges from our own histories and is for our own people. The Bolivarian Revolution bravely put forth a path to liberation for Venezuela and the continent, declaring socialism as the only way of defeating capitalism and imperialism. And the socialism Chávez proposes finds its roots in the legacy of Venezuelan and South American struggles for independence from imperialism. From Simón Bolívar, to revolutionary Cuba, to Indigenous leaders who knew their vengeance would come centuries later, Chávez weaves history and theory to present a socialism that emerges from the people – a heroic creation of its own.

Chávez left behind thousands of hours of speeches, and this book collects seven of them, presenting his theories, perspectives, and his visions of 21st century socialism. An almost encyclopedic blend of songs, stories, and dreams of the Venezuelan people, his words are a tool for young people seeking to understand the ideas of Chavismo and the Venezuelan process of building socialism in South America.