• Amílcar Cabral: A Political Life in Motion

Amílcar Cabral: A Political Life in Motion

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Amílcar Cabral: an agronomist, a poet, a politician, a leader of his party, a life that led a revolution to victory against colonialism.


Known to many as “The Engineer,” Amílcar Cabral was dedicated to putting study to action, demonstrating a lifelong commitment to being with and learning from the people. From organizing in his youth, to examining the struggles in Vietnam and writing on culture, these experiences armed Cabral with the skills and vision necessary to build up the revolutionary party that would free Guinea and Cabo Verde. Standing at the helm of African resistance to Portuguese colonialism, his life sadly cut short by colonial forces, Cabral leaves behind a legacy of political clarity and determination, offering us all a trove of experiences and a model of commitment to the liberation of working people.


Mário de Andrade—a founding member of the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola, as well as Cabral’s long-time friend and comrade—follows the arc of Cabral's political thought as it transforms over the course of his life. Presented in its first ever English translation, Amílcar Cabral: A Political Life in Motion is a portrait of a keen and agile leader who knew that to lead the people was to know them.