• Hotel Theresa Tee
  • Hotel Theresa Tee
  • Hotel Theresa Tee

Hotel Theresa Tee

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In 1960, Fidel Castro came to the U.S. testify at the UN General Assembly and had to vacate his hotel after they demanded $10,000 for alleged damages caused by protestors outside. At the request of Malcolm X, the Hotel Theresa accommodated Fidel for the rest of his stay and it was in this hotel where a legendary meeting between the two would take place. The back reads “Spread socialism around the world”. Although Malcolm wasn’t a socialist explicitly, had his time on this earth not been cut so short, his ideological evolution may have very well led him to socialism.

This shirt was designed by RIOL: Revolution in Our Lifetime, an anti-capitalist clothing and art shop designed and run by revolutionary organizers actively engaged in community work. Their aim is to raise revolutionary consciousness and popularize socialism. Check out their site for more revolutionary apparel! (And sizing and care instructions...)

  • 100% preshrunk cotton 
  • Classic Fit
  • Model is 5’ 6” and is wearing a medium