• Liberated Texts, Collected Reviews: Volume One

Liberated Texts, Collected Reviews: Volume One

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"Books differ from all other propaganda media... because one single book can significantly change the reader's attitude and action to an extent unmatched by the impact of any other single medium... this is, of course, not true of all books at all times and with all readers - but it is true significantly often enough to make books the most important weapon of strategic (long-range) propaganda." Chief of the CIA's Covert Action Staff, 1961

Liberated Texts is dedicated to reviewing works of ongoing relevance that have been forgotten, underappreciated, suppressed or misinterpreted in the cultural mainstream since their release. This inaugural collection brings together all twenty-one review essays published on the Liberated Texts website in 2021, accompanied by an introduction written by its Founding Editor, Louis Allday.

The books under discussion in this volume broach a wide range of topics including Zionist colonialism and Palestinian resistance, Marxism in Africa, the US' defeat in Vietnam, everyday life in the DPRK, anti-indigenous racism in Canada, Soviet pedagogy, and the events of 9/11.