• Marxism & National Liberation Bundle
  • Marxism & National Liberation Bundle

Marxism & National Liberation Bundle

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Inspired by and supplemental to our course Marxism & National Liberation held at The People's Forum, this bundle is a collection of books and texts that reflect national liberation movements in motion. As they encounter, assess, and transform their respective political landscapes, these diverse movements adapted to their own material contexts, adapting their strategies to effectively respond to whatever crossed their paths and leaving behind lessons for us to build our own liberation struggles where we are.



History is propelled by the struggle of our people across the world. The past year opened a new phase in the fight against US colonialism and imperialism. As the center of the battle focuses on Palestinian liberation, the masses in the millions, across all continents, have risen up and found new strength in the face of their oppressors. There is no better time to study the long history of the peoples’ movements that have led to this moment. Armed with the lessons of histories and dreams of a liberated future, we will investigate the conditions confronting those who fought before us, the tactics they used to navigate through them, and the visions they made concrete for what a socialist future would hold–all so that we can continue to advance our struggle wherever our fight may be.