• P is for Palestine

P is for Palestine

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by Golbarg Bashi

P Is for Palestine is the world’s first English-language ABC story book about Palestine, told in simple rhythmic rhyme with stunning illustrations to act as an educational, colorful, empowering reference for children, showcasing the geography, beauty, and strength of Palestinian culture.

Anyone who has ever been to Palestine or who has Palestinian friends, colleagues, or neighbors knows that this proud nation is home to the sweetest oranges, most intricate embroideries, great dance moves (Dabkeh), fertile olive groves, and the sunniest people!

This revised edition includes an appendix explaining some of the terms and Arabic words, written in their original language with simplified English pronunciation. Inspired by Palestinian people’s own rich history in the literary and visual arts, P Is for Palestine is a book for children of all ages.

72 Pages


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