• Revolutionary Writings Bundle

Revolutionary Writings Bundle

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For you and your friends who are growing into revolutionaries!

Inspired by and supplemental to our course Spark! Organizing for Revolution held at The People's Forum, this bundle is a collection of books and texts that features selections of writings from national liberation leaders, revolutionaries, and organizers, such as Amilcar Cabral, Claudia Jones, and Thomas Sankara, highlighting their critical analyses, their theoretical frameworks, and the key political interventions they made in advancing the struggle in their locales. 

This bundle includes:

About the Class:

2024 is a year on fire. An unprecedented mass movement for Palestine has taken the world by storm, igniting a profound shift in the consciousness of millions worldwide. The US ruling class, desperate to maintain its hegemony, is struggling to fulfill its imperialist agenda as it enters a controversial election cycle in the midst of a serious political crisis. The future is uncertain and volatile, with many dangers but also many opportunities for the working and oppressed class. 

One thing is certain– the people of the world demand change. The capitalist and imperialist system generates war and genocide, and we need a new system to take its place. But how does historical and societal change actually occur? How could a revolution take hold? What does it mean to be a revolutionary in times of intense political crisis? What is the project that we are building together, and how do we intervene in the current moment to take one step closer to its realization? How do we organize for revolution?

The summer school is a 6 week hybrid course. It is an opportunity to meet new comrades and friends, to build our capacity for revolutionary study, and to strengthen our analysis of the political moment we are in so that we can gain clarity on what the next steps are.