• Socialist Reconstruction: A Better Future

Socialist Reconstruction: A Better Future

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What would it look like to build a socialist society in the United States? To end the U.S.’s imperialist exploits, eliminate poverty, racism and bigotry, and utilize the wealth and development of modern society for the good of the people?

Socialist Reconstruction: A Better Future for the United States envisions this future. It picks up in “the first decade of socialism in the United States,” and describes what socialism could mean for housing, healthcare, education, public safety and many other aspects of US society. The goal of the book is to demonstrate, rather than just declare, that there is an alternative to capitalism in the United States, and to start a dialogue with all of society about what such a socialist society will look like.

As it says in the preface to Socialist Reconstruction: “If the ideas on the pages that follow entice and engage you—whether you are in total agreement or have another proposal for remedying the crises of capitalism—then you should consider yourself a socialist… In the capitalist present, such a world may seem like a dream. But it’s not. It can happen here.”

“This courageous and visionary book provides a realistic and realizable socialist alternative to our decaying predatory capitalist civilization. It grounds a grand socialist reconstruction of the present US regime in our present sufferings and struggles, especially in the crucial role of an awakening of working peoples! Genuine hope trumps despair in this prophetic text!”

–Dr. Cornel West