• Vital Lines Print Portfolio
  • Vital Lines Print Portfolio

Vital Lines Print Portfolio

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The People’s Forum is excited to be releasing a historic portfolio of prints created as part of a collaborative print project between artists in Cuba and the U.S.

The limited-edition (of 46) portfolio is being sold as a fundraiser for our ongoing #LetCubaLive fund which supports the Cuban people and their revolution. Each portfolio contains 12 hand-printed serigraphs accompanied by an introduction by Claudia De La Cruz, a critical essay by Carolina Gonzalez, and artist bios.

These hand-printed portfolios are being sold on a sliding scale to accommodate the various budgets of organizations and individuals looking to add these historic prints to their collections. More affordable digital prints will be available in the future.

Sliding Scales (pick from the product options above)

  • Individuals:
    Suggested: $800+
  • Organizations with budgets under $500,000/year:
    Suggested: $800-$1,200
  • Organizations with budgets over $500,000/year:
    Suggested: $1,200-$5,000

More about the project:

Vital Lines / Líneas Vitales is a historic international collaboration of artists in Cuba and the U.S. The art initiative focuses on the ongoing significance and legacy of Cuba’s international solidarity and collaboration. Each pair of artists was given a specific theme for their work based on the importance of Cuban revolutionary achievements. Those themes included friendship, future, struggle, liberation, sovereignty, and peace. Artists were invited to artistically collaborate, discuss, and debate across borders within their creative processes.

The exhibition and portfolio features works by Cuban artists Aldo Cruces, Arístides Torres, Greta Acosta Reyes, Kalia León, Karla M. Gómez, and Víctor Ubieta; and US-based artists Andrew Nance, Carolina Vega, Ian Matchett, Kimberly Villafuerte Barzola, vienna rye, and Vivek Venkatraman.

See all the prints and full exhibition here!